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Cloudburst from Tricouni # 6427

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Date: 2005.02.26
Vantage Point: From upper part of Tricouni's south ridge

Caption: Cloudburst's north side showing some of the many ridges

PhotoDescr: Well, I couldn't decide if I liked the sunny warm weather enough to make up for the lack of snowfall this winter, but this day was spectacular, perfect for a ski ascent of Tricouni Peak. James Bruce, Evan Wind and myself set out to make our first ascent of Tricouni, and were able to drive a few switchbacks past the Belia Creek bridge before we decided to park by a pair of trucks. This day was beautiful, even more so due to the fact that there were NO snowmobiles zipping around anywhere on this side (we did see/hear some way down below on the southeast side). We skied to the meadows, past the lakes, and up into the bowl below Tricouni. There was a bootpack on the upper slopes from a previous party, and we more or less followed their line, eventually having to strap skis on our packs when it steepened near the top. We intersected with the south ridge, and dropped our gear for the final scramble up to the summit. It was very very warm, but a nice breeze on top helped to keep us cool. The views were outstanding, mountains as far as we could see. After a snack and photos, we downclimbed to our gear, strapped on the planks, and had a super fun, nice and steep run down from just below the summit to the meadows. Part of the Tantalus Range is visible in the right background, with I believe Alpha Mountain being the high peak on the right edge of the photo. I think Omega Mountain is just right of Cloudburst's summit. And I'm not sure, but the mountain in the extreme background above Cloudburst may be Brunswick. James and I made our first and only successful ascent of Cloudburst last summer, coming up the buttress which is just below and right of the summit. There are numerous routes up Cloudburst as it is fairly complex, so the options are plenty. I think we'll have to ski it soon too, as roads are passable quite high right now.

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