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Mount Assiniboine # 6363

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Date: 2002.09.10
Vantage Point: From

Caption: The view from the front steps of Assiniboine Lodge.

PhotoDescr: I didn't take up climbing until the following year so the information people threw around about climbing Mount Assiniboine went right by me. Sorry. All I really remember was the warning that climbing with a helmet is a necessity because rock is always breaking off. One of my favourite things about Assiniboine park was afternoon tea at the lodge. The tea and freshly baked cakes were great on a cold rainy (or snowy) day. Of course, the beer they sell is also great on the hot sunny days. I loved sitting drinking a beer and looking at the view after a day hiking around. Talking with the other campers who gather for afternoon tea was also a treat and it helped you plan the next day. Barb and Sepp, who run the lodge are very welcoming to the campers. Something that seems to be rare at lodges with a nearby campground.

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