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East Side of Squeah # 6361

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Date: 2005.02.19
Vantage Point: From Deneau FSR

Caption: Trees, rocks, ice, snow, this mountain's got it all!

PhotoDescr: The Squeah area north of Hope is pretty emblematic of the "bushy and brutal" low elevation peaks we seem to have in so much abundance around here. Gaining a summit in this area can be more a test of tolerance for "unesthetics" than a contest of technical abilities. Despite being less than twenty kilometres from Hope, the Jorgenson/Squeah/Spider group south of the Anderson Range is probably very rarely climbed.

I glimpsed a sight of these peaks from Gamuza two years ago and thought them virtually unreachable until I discovered the existence of Deneau FSR. After trying in vain to get to Jorgenson, I walked to the end of the road to have a look at Squeah but didn't have enough time to try for the summit. Stuff is pretty bushy back there, but if you could get in there in midwinter, there's some good ice lines here and there.

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