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Cone from Buller Pond # 6357

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Date: 2002.02.12
Vantage Point: From Buller Pond

Caption: A good view of the East side of Cone Mountain in good winter light conditions, with Assiniboine looming in the distance at Left. The true and officially named summit is the high point at left.

PhotoDescr: While Amy and I and our 2 sons were doing the Spray Lake Circuit a stop at Buller Pond was in order to catch a view of Assiniboine, which looms in the distance to the left of Cone. After looking at the map to verify I believe the mountain in the distance to the right of Assiniboine is Mount Strom, and the one behind is The Marshall.

Not much snow this winter and if you look across the pond at the picnic tables they should be covered at least half way with snow. However, the usual late spring snows will most likely deposit about 3-4 feet up here. Will be back in spring to check it out.

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