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Alpha Mountain - Northeast Side # 6319

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Date: 2003.09.28
Vantage Point: From 11 km east northeast at a lookout along Hwy 99

Caption: Buttresses bask in early morning sunshine on Alpha's upper northeast side.

PhotoDescr: The classic E Ridge is the left skyline. The prominent NE Spur (centre), drops diagonally from above the high snow crest all the way to extreme lower right. In a rather shadowy and compressed view of Alpha's North features, one can sight the sunlit crown of North Buttress (top right with toe shaded) and pointed Guides Buttress right of this. Also visible is the lower part of the NW Ridge, extending in front of and below the bumpy E Ridge of Serratus Mtn.

I got impatient waiting in a glut of traffic for what felt like an eternity while blasting was going on late up the highway north towards Whistler, so I turned around and headed back down from whence I came to this pullout where I bivied a spell and awoke to some amazing views of the Tantalus Range out west.

Note that this photo shows conditions after a record - dry summer.

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