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Luna Peak, Mount Whatcom, Challenger and the North Pickets # 6253

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Date: 2004.06.27
Vantage Point: From Tomyhoi Peak

Caption: A view from a northwestern vantage point of Luna Peak, Mount Whatcom, the Challenger Glacier and Mount Challenger.

PhotoDescr: Luna Peak is the high fin-shaped peak protruding from the cloud at left. Although not technically considered a part of the north Picket Range, it is joined by a high and long meandering ridge to Mount Fury to the west. Despite Luna's mass and height, it holds little in the way of appeal to alpinists due to highly sheared and loose rock. It's probably also largely ignored due to the abundance of more aesthetic and challenging climbs available in the nearby Picket Range. The peak just to the right of Luna and slightly in the foreground is Whatcom Peak. This mountain harbours several small glaciers on its north and east aspects as well as along the north sides of it's long west ridge (refered to as Easy Ridge). Whatcom is bypassed when on route to Mount Challenger from the north and is separated to the south from the Challenger Glacier by what is known as Perfect Pass. The massive Challenger Glacier is at the center of the photo with the spiky summits of Mount Challenger at the top. The right side of the photo is a jumbled arrangement of the north Picket Range including peaks such as Crooked Thumb, Phantom and Mount Fury.

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