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Mount Sanford - North Slopes # 6251

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Date: 2003.08.09
Vantage Point: From a viewpoint to the north. 25 km NE of Chistochina on Hwy 1

Caption: A very foreshortened view of Mt. Sanford's upper north slopes as seen from the Copper River Valley 57 km away.

PhotoDescr: The standard route travels up the Sheep Glacier (middle right), past the obvious "fin" (small eye-shaped shadow) and onward diagonally to the summit.

The bump on the right is the W centre summit - 4079 m (13379'). Massive cliffs of ice drop off the west face below and right of this. The icefalls tumbling to left of centre lead to an unnamed glacier (Boulder?) at the head of Boulder Creek, a major creek running to the Copper River 30 km north. Sheep Creek, feeding Boulder, cuts the dark 1500' deep gorge through the 6000' high plateau at bottom right-hand corner.

  Although this route is, in fact, a long slog up a gentle grade, my picture distorts the truth a little. The straight - line distance from the vicinity of the top of the "fin" ( over halfway up the normal route ) to the summit is roughly 10 km ( 6 miles ) in length with almost 2000m ( 6560' ) of elevation gain between these two points. That's one long slope! although it doesn't appear nearly so. Linear perspective is always distorted in a head - on view of anything. Objects appear abnormally compressed and space is flattened making distances between them seem shorter. This effect gets exaggerated further when using long focal length telephoto lenses.


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