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The Promise of a New Day # 6226

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Date: 2004.12.28
Vantage Point: From Flute/Oboe Col

Caption: The stuff of dreams: bluebird skies, dry fresh snow, no tracks, and a day off. Adventure, here we come! Decker Mountain, Trorey Mountain, and Oboe Summit in the background.

PhotoDescr: Now that we're in the second day of heavy rainfall (we're past 100mm, but who's counting?) of what promises to be four to six days of a Pineapple Express that is fully and deeply pounding our region, who could blame someone for poring through the photographs from the past month of backcountry tours?

This photograph caught my attention not so much because of the day it represented--and that was certainly a good one--but because it represents that moment that so many of us dream about: a perfect morning when the snow is so untracked and fresh that it just pulls one towards the horizon and fills the mind with endless possibilities. We're happy to be alive, to be in the clear, cold air, and to be moving to the beat of a pounding heart and following an inquisitive mind. There's no where else we'd rather be.

Fortunately, the second half of December 2004 tossed a lot of these days our way. On this morning, the Spearhead Range was calling us out. The dry snow hardly impeded trail-breaking, and we knew we would be on top of Cowboy by 10:30 for endless laps of mid-winter powder. On another day, it was an adventure to Overlord and some especially light fluff.

As the rain continues to pound on the roof, we can only hope that we'll see more mornings like this as the season progresses. Until then, we can dream of bluebird skies, powder, and no wind--and pore through the photos of our past trips.

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