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Columnar and the Gargoyles in Morning Sun # 6182

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Date: 2004.12.12
Vantage Point: From near Elfin Lakes shelter

Caption: Columnar Peak (L), the Gargoyles (R), under early morning sunlight

PhotoDescr: Taken Sunday morning, right around sunrise. Spent the weekend at the Elfin Lakes shelter, after Friday's torrential rain storm wet things down a little (lots!). We were happily greeted by a sunny clear sky Saturday morning, and we carried on with our plans to hit the Diamondhead area. We skied up to the Saddle between Columnar and the Gargoyles during the day on Saturday, though the snow wasn't exactly what we originally had been hoping for after all the storms that had dumped the white stuff earlier in the week. Lots of rain followed by cool temps overnight Friday made sure that travel was quick, but the skiing and boarding was a little less than perfect. Still, the fact that the sun was blazing, and there weren't many people in the area allowed us to enjoy most of the day, with a zip up to the Gargoyles where we dug out a snow bench to sit on and gaze around. Our run down was quite fun, just not the pow we had been dreaming of in the days leading up to the weekend. Atwell Peak can be seen in the right background, with the summit of Mount Garibaldi being the bump on the right edge of the photo.

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