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Sky Pilot Group From Paul Ridge # 6171

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Date: 2004.12.12
Vantage Point: From Paul Ridge

Caption: Looking south from Paul Ridge towards Sky Pilot area

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken on our ski out from the Elfin Lakes area after a real nice weekend following heavy rains Friday. Left to right: the two small bumps at far left are The Nai. Next highest bump moving right is The Ledgeling. The second highest summit visible is The Ledge with Sky Pilot being the highest peak in the shot. The Ledgelette is the bump between Ledge and Sky Pilot. Gunsight Gap divides Sky Pilot from the Ledgelette and Ledge. The Copilot is the highest of the many bumps along the right skyline, right at the end. If you look closely, Mount Habrich (dark horn) is visible just below and right in front of Copilot. Another area I have no experience with yet, but am very intrigued by and will definitely have to visit next summer. We got lucky Saturday morning with clear skies, cooler temps, and no crowds (at least until later in the day). We spent Saturday getting in to the shelter, eating breakfast and unloading some gear before heading up the saddle to the Gargoyles. Snow conditions were definitely not the best, but an easy ski up to the Gargoyles with a decent run back down made us happy. Sunday was another blazing sunny day, though the wind had picked up substantially. The shelter had been nearly empty when we arrived early Saturday, but by late afternoon, it had become quite busy. 20-25 people joined us for the night, which seemed to warm up the shelter a bit since the heater was broken. Outside temps dropped to around -6 degrees by around 11pm, but we never felt cold inside. Took some time to observe the Sky Pilot group and think about another mission I must go on come next season. But for now...I want more snow!

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