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North Face of Rideout # 6155

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Date: 2004.12.20
Vantage Point: From head of valley

Caption: The guardian of the Sumallo.

PhotoDescr: The walls and couloirs in this area are about 3000' high and although the rock is not terrific, the winter climbing sure is. Surprising then that this is the first photo of the Sumallo area on Bivouac; the area is very undertravelled. The road is undrivable for much of the winter, but it is a straightforward ski to the head of the valley.

The most popular objective in here is Zero Gully which is out of photo right. There is also an undocumented Guy Edwards, Ian Campbell, "and friend" gully which travels to the notch between Rideout and its Pup to the west (Sumallo Peak). Mixed ground to the right of this route was climbed by Guy Edwards solo to the summit of Sumallo. The exact location of this line will tragically remain unknown :(

The north face was done as a "Douglas/Culbert rock climb" in 1970 but may be unrepeated. The north couloir is hidden on the left in the slanting chimney system; the Edwards/Spagnut variation starts in the centre of the face, then angles right before traversing back into the gully at mid height.

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