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Mount Steele - Southeast Ridge # 6134

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2004.04.29
Vantage Point: From our groups camp 2 location along the upper Donjek Glacier southeast of Mount Steele.

Caption: The southeast side of Mount Steele. The long ridge along the left skyline is the south ridge. Part of the 4280 meter false summit (large dome) can be seen on the extreme right and is part of the southeast ridge route. The route goes along either side of the rock rib, seen below and just to the right of the summit pinnacle.

PhotoDescr: This was taken from our group's Camp 2 location at 3440 meters (11,300 feet), on Day 2 of our attempt on the southeast ridge of Mount Steele. I got sick after the third day and had to descend with another member of our party. Our summit attempt was thwarted after the remaining members were hit with very high winds for several days.

Enroute to camp 2, we stopped for a break along the upper Donjek Glacier. After our break we started moving again, I being the last member to get going. I was still standing in my ski boots (ie the skis were off) when I suddenly heard an audible woomph and felt myself sway back and forth in a direction parallel to the length of the glacier. And just at that moment, two avalanches came down, both on either side of the valley (one was actually coming down from Mount Walsh). At first I thought that the glacier had suddenly surged, but after seeing the two avalanches off in the distance, realized that this was likely an earthquake.

Mount Steele is quite high at over 5000 meters and is ranked 5th highest in Canada. There are several non technical ridge routes on the mountain, the southeast ridge being one of them.

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