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The Upper Fiddle River Valley From Sulphur Summit # 613

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Date: 2001.07.07
Vantage Point: From Sulphur Summit, Sulphur Skyline Trail

Caption: The Fiddle River flows through the Nikanassin Range from the Fiddle Pass in the distance towards Miette Hot Springs on its way to the Athabasca River. Slide Mountain is at the upper left.

PhotoDescr: A dayhike to the end of the Sulphur Skyline Trail brought this view southeastward through the largely unnamed peaks of the poorly defined Nikanassin Range. Maps disagree about where the Miette Range ends and the Nikanassin begins, and how far east the Nikanassin name covers. A trail leads from near Cadomin up Whitehorse Creek and over Fiddle Pass. The official name is Fiddle Pass, but old maps may call it Whitehorse pass. The trail follows the Fiddle River Valley as seen in the photo to Miette Hot Springs (officially spelled Miette Hotsprings).

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