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Gargoyles and Atwell # 6128

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2004.12.11
Vantage Point: From summit of the Gargoyles

Caption: Looking across to Atwell Peak and Little Diamondhead through the Gargoyles

PhotoDescr: Two of the "Gargoyles" up close, with Little Diamondhead and Atwell Peak rising up behind. Our group of five had planned a ski-in-by-headlamp trip to Elfin Lakes for Friday the 10th, leaving after work and spending the weekend touring around the area. However, as most people found out sadly, Friday brought warm temps and LOTS of rain, including way way up into the alpine. We ended up skiing in to Elfin Saturday morning, with blazing sunny skies, but snow that wasn't as nice as we had been hoping for (travel was quite quick and easy though). After reaching the shelter, we quickly unloaded gear, ate breakfast, then skied our way up to the saddle between Columnar and the Gargoyles. Though the rain had ruined any good snow, it sure did leave the coolest looking patterns all over the place. It also set off some slides in the area, and we were happy that overnight Friday the temps dropped back down and allowed the stability to get better. Once at the saddle we traversed right and up, eventually intersecting the ridge that runs up to the summit, with Ring Creek far down below to our uphill left. We were able to ski right to the top, where we packed down a sit-down spot in the small summit area and soaked in the views for a while before dropping in to a semi-decent run back down to the saddle and then to the bottom towards the shelter. Not the greatest run I've ever had, but it was fun, and well worth going up. We all had a great weekend

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