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Mount Lucania, Mount Steele and Mount Walsh # 6087

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Date: 2004.04.28
Vantage Point: From the air above the Donjek Glacier.

Caption: The two false summits of Lucania are on the left, with the summit barely visible extreme left side. Mt. Steele is in the center and the Walsh massif on the right.

PhotoDescr: This was our group's fly in day to the Walsh col below Mt. Steele in the St Elias Range of the Yukon. This photo was taken enroute from Andy Williams' Helio Courier out of Silver City on Kluane Lake. This was our first view of Lucania, Steele and Walsh through the front windshield of the plane. The peaks don't look very impressive from this vantage point (which is a bit of a wide angle shot), but rank in height in Canada as 3rd, 5th and 12th highest respectively. Both Lucania and Steele are over 5000 meters.

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