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South From Gamuza -- Squeah and Jorgenson # 6048

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Date: 2003.06.15
Vantage Point: From Gamuza

Caption: Looking south from the Anderson Range to the very infrequently travelled peaks north of Hope, between the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers.

PhotoDescr: Unfortunately taken on a day of flat light a few hours before a rainstorm, this photo shows the knot of peaks south of the Anderson Range. I have not found a single reference to any ascents here; if anyone has a story, please email me!

At very right in middle ground, the snowy peak is Spider and to its immediate left is a prominent but unnamed 5800' peak with an interesting gully/couloir. In middle distance centre, the snowy dome is Squeah, while just behind and to the left is Jorgenson with its compex bluff systems trending east. The east side of Squeah and the north side of Jorgenson East contain many gully systems with the possibility of winter climbing if you could ever get in there.

The dark mysterious hunk of Anderson Range granite at the bottom of the photo is just that.

Access appears problematic to say the least: Chilliwack Forest District shows very old and overgrown roads in Deneau (from east) and Suka (west) creeks. Squeah Creek FSR is only seasonally deactivated, but if passable would deposit you too far north to be of much use here.

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