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Mount Albert from Sun Peak, Sims Creek # 603

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Date: 2000.04.08
Vantage Point: From Sun Peak, Sims Creek

Caption: The forested headwaters of Loquilts Creek (center foreground) thin out below crescent-shaped Bon Bon Glacier (center right). The glaciated summit of Mount Albert lies 13km due west of Sun Peak, from where the photo was shot. In the left background lie the peaks of the Eldred Valley, NE of Powell River. The dramatic horn of Mount Diadem rises in front of Hotham Sound at the entrance to Jervis Inlet. A thin sliver of Princess Louisa Inlet shows in front of Diadem and at the left base of Mount Albert.

PhotoDescr: The approach to Mount Albert appears deceptively easy from the summit of Sun Peak on the Sims-Jervis divide. Hidden from the camera, between the Bon Bon Glacier and the icefields on Mount Albert, lies Hunaechin-Louisa pass (el. 4550ft). Klaus Haring, who traversed through the area, encountered a difficult step above the pass.

Josef Sadowski and I were on a day trip up Sun Peak on skis in the spring of 2000. It was a very benign day for being in the mountains. There was no wind and lots of sunshine- a relative rarity on the west coast.

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