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Pika on the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail # 5958

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Date: 2004.08.07
Vantage Point: From the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

Caption: A pika with a mouthful of lunch goes about its daily chores next to the busy Plain of Six Glaciers Trail.

PhotoDescr: For a small creature, the pika (Ochotona princeps) has a lot of names. It's also known as the rock-rabbit or coney, and pika has two pronunciations - pee-ka and pie-ka - according to some references. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary lists only the second of these; however, the word comes from Tungus, a Siberian language, where it has the first pronunciation. Pikas have small ears, and no tails, and eat grasses, wildflowers, sedges, and lichens, as well as some kinds of leaves. They stockpile these for winter in their burrows among the rocks. A pika is typically 19 cm long, and weighs 115 grams.

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