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Chain Gang on the Ribbon Creek Trail # 5949

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Date: 2004.06.05
Vantage Point: From Ribbon Creek Trail

Caption: null

PhotoDescr: The Grant MacEwan Mountain Club ("an eating club with a hiking problem") kicked off the 2004 "summer" hiking season with a weekend campout at the Owl Group Camp in Kananaskis Country, an event named the "Owl Prowl and Howl." I volunteered to lead a day hike to Ribbon Lake on the Saturday of the weekend. Once we got past Ribbon Falls, we had to work our way up the chain-assisted headwall route. Those members of our group with vertigo problems or recently broken ribs waited at the foot of this section.

We dayhiked the 26 km (return) to Ribbon Lake and back, and were not sorry to be carrying only day packs for this section.

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