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Truax, Lost Peak (Coloratura), and Whitecap from South # 5800

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Date: 2004.10.03
Vantage Point: From peak at head of Downton.

Caption: Looking north from the summit of the 8700 foot granite pyramid at the head of Downton Creek.

PhotoDescr: The massive north ridge of Truax on the left is unmistakable from most angles. Most of the Bendor area is hidden behind the long ridge of Coloratura. Access to this would be difficult as the face fronts onto the remote Lost Valley drainage.

Coloratura and other peaks of the upper Downton were named by Alan Greer in a report in the 1990 CAJ. While Greer did not claim any FAs of peaks summited in this area, he did apply the name "Coloratura" to the above peak and "Mezzo" to an adjacent one without having summited either.

This brings up some touchy subjects. Karl Ricker who has obviously done a bit of research (and who, in my young opinion, has a pretty good sense of mountain ethics) in naming the peaks around the Bendor area (see 2002 BCM) felt okay about tossing out about twenty odd names to that area. I will use Greer's names for the Downton area on bivouac, but let me make quick reference to the following comments by Mike Feller on various BCMC ski camps (2002 BCM):

"Although we have been unaware of mountain climbing or hiking trips to some of the areas we have visited, we have never claimed first ascents, believing that prospectors or others would have tramped the area before us. We noted with interest, however, that several years ago, a Lillooet resident claimed some first ascents of peaks around the head of Lost Valley Ck. that we had previously skiied up."

The point being that the area has seen more (informal) traffic than one might guess and was likely new and undiscovered long before the 1990 CAJ.

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