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Old Pierre, Remote, and Mount Lamont from Robertson Peak # 5799

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Date: 2004.10.03
Vantage Point: From Robertson

Caption: View looking west from Robertson.

PhotoDescr: On Robertson, when we looked west the first thing we thought was "What is that peak with the obvious NE buttress?". Old Pierre sticks out because it is 100m higher than any other peak nearby. I'm not ashamed to admit I had to get out the map and guidebook on my return home in order to figure out what the peak actually was.

Old Pierre is at right. Sadly, the Fairley guide reports that the rock on the SE side at left, is bad - black, rotten shaly. However this rock might not compose the entire peak...we can always hope. Skayuk Peak is somewhere in the foreground right of O.P. At left lies Remote Peak with Piluk just right. In the middle foreground is Mount Lamont, highest of the Rune Ridges.

John Clarke was the first to climb, and also the namer of, many peaks in the Old Pierre area, in 1971 when he was a fairly young guy. His familiarity with the Katzie dialect came from his years at seminary school at Mission Abbey. The CAJ 1972 provides details as to the source of the names he applied, most of which are from Katzie dialect Halkomelem. Old Pierre was "one of the last medicine men of the Katzie people". Skayuk = "People of the Stave River area". Piluk ="sunrise". Remote was first climbed and named by surveyors.

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