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Leyland Mountain from the East # 578

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Date: 2001.05.21
Vantage Point: From

Caption: Aging buildings braced against the wind huddle in the lee of Leyland Mountain.

PhotoDescr: Leyland Mountain is near the end of the historic Coal Branch line, originally begun in 1912 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and now operated by its successor, the Canadian National Railway. The current line is in the foreground. The town of Cadomin, of which the buildings in the picture form a part, has been there since the establishment of the Cadomin Coal Company mine, which went into full operation in 1917. When the end of the Second World War and the changeover of railroads to diesel power destroyed the coal market, Cadomin survived on the limestone quarries of Cadomin Mountain. The rest of the Coal Branch became a series of dismantled coal mining towns.

A backcountry trail to Miette Hot Springs begins on the far side of the mountain, and an access route to the Jasper South Boundary Trail leaves the unmaintained Cardinal River Road south of Cadomin. The Cadomin Caves are under Leyland Mountain.

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