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The Horseshoe Glacier # 5687

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Date: 2004.08.29
Vantage Point: From Monica Meadows Trail

Caption: The Horseshoe Glacier and the huge basin it occupies.

PhotoDescr: I have another picture which shows a better closeup of the tongues and slabs, but this one shows more of the glacier within the basin and more of the peaks that surround it. As I mentioned in that essay I measured the glacier length from the tongue to the back of the basin on govt maps and TRIM and it is approximately 1.9km long and 1.6km wide.

I will not bother trying to name most of the peaks as the clouds interfere with good descriptions, but the higher glacier to the left of the leftmost tongue of Horseshoe is on the N side of Toad Peak, and if you know the area you can look to the left and see Eagle Spire, with clouds hugging the upper left corner of it. Although not very visible, the bottom portion of that glacier has some awesome criss-cross crevasses in it. The peak near the right edge just left of the 3 trees with the bench glacier is Ochre but the upper portion is obscured by clouds.

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