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East Truce Glacier Area # 5634

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Date: 2004.08.01
Vantage Point: From Jumbo Pass

Caption: Although a little misty, this shows a good closeup view of the East Truce Glacier and its impressive Icefall, backdropped by Truce Mountain (center) and Cauldron Mountain to the left. The S half of Toad Peak is visible at the right edge, and you can see the shrund between the main glacier in the bowl and the tiny slice that still clings to the E face, quite common in glacier decay.

PhotoDescr: For people from the coast this is small, but for these parts this is a large glacier with one of the more impressive icefalls in the SE BC Interior. The main body of the glacier lies up in the basin between the peaks, but the real star is the icefall, which descends from the head of the basin slighty to the left out of. From the binoculars I could see the thick sheets of the glacier drop from the upper glacier in sequence as it goes over the edge of the slope, then starts cascading downwards in a tangled mess.

The glacier lobe that trends to the right ends at the bottom right of the picture near the glacier below the E face of Toad, and you can see the scoured slabs below it. The small lobe just to the right and below the summit of Cauldron that hangs down a bit ends in seracs that are roughly 50-80 metres thick.

After studying this scene for about an hour with my binoculars as well as the glacier details, I found that the E face of Truce which faces the camera has two ice sheets about 180-200 m high, similar in nature to the N face of Athabasca. The one directly below the peak looks more decayed that the left one, and there is a huge schrund at the bottom of the face where it melds with the glacier proper. It is possible these sheets may make good ice routes. Truce is also the key peak for the Truce Group with a prominence of 970 m above Earl Grey Pass with Mount Hamil as the parent.

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