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Sockeye Horn (Mystery Peak) North Face # 5448

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Date: 2004.08.09
Vantage Point: From base

Caption: Steve Harng approaching the north face of Mystery Peak.

PhotoDescr: Sockeye Horn has been unimaginatively and rather incongruously termed Mystery Peak by Outward Bound staff working in the area. The name and the mountain are featured in Matt Gunn's anticipated new scrambles guide to southwest BC.

The face is impressive and has held my interest for a while. Unfortunately, there is 100' of nice cracks, then 300' of trash guarding the upper ridges, which are actually very low angled.

Steve and I thought the best way of getting up this face was to come in from the left up the spur just to the left of the weeping chimney, and then join the spur ridge above it. Once at the top of the chimney however, the spur turned out to be 3rd class appearing, so we just continued up the gully, which was class 3-4. The line was loose but would likely make a nice spring line when completely snow-filled.

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