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Painting of "Garibaldi Side-Cut" # 5375

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Date: 2004.06.01
Vantage Point: From air

Caption: Dramatic northwest perspective of icefalls

PhotoDescr: The painting (oil on panel, 24"x48") is part of a larger series of paintings called "Subduction Zone". In the last two years I have begun to paint mountains in BC that I have either climed or have been in the vicinity of. Christopher Brayshaw writes "Each of Pirrie's paintings scissors a Coast Range summit out of its geographical context, placing it against a monochramatic backdrop. The jagged peak's rocky escarpments, alluvial fans, and glacial tongues are rendered with what initially seems to be photographic pricision, but which, on closer inspection, is an abstract compression of space, a pushing and pulling of the eye through the scene".

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