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North Face of Black Diamond Peak # 5371

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Date: 2004.07.09
Vantage Point: From head of Bobb Creek

Caption: Ceilings Anyone?

PhotoDescr: This area has been on the hit list for awhile now. There are some big pieces of granite at the heads of Truax and Bobb Creeks. Unfortunately, as we soon discovered upon approach, the rock is truly terrifying, roofs and "belayer slayer" blocks abound.

This peak is technically a subsummit of Scary Peak, though Black Diamond is far more impressive. Various names were applied by Karl Ricker et al during a BCMC camp in the area. See 2002 BCMC Mountaineer for details.

On our two days in the area, the first (the morning in the photo) was predicted to be mixed weather with 60% chance of showers, so we elected to recon for the following day's perfect 0% forecast. Well, with the rude alarm at 3 a. m. there was also the sound of relentless rain. Justin got so disenchanted (even more so than normal) on the drive home that he drove like a madman down the Hurley and gunned his truck through the Tenquille turn, rupturing his tire. Much fun ensued when we discovered that he had no proper tools with him: How to change a flat with climbing equipment.

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