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The Camel - First Ascent Oct 4, 1908 # 5270

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Date: 1908.10.04
Vantage Point: Photo was taken from the summit of Crown Mountain

Caption: This was the first ever documented ascent of The Camel.

PhotoDescr: In 1906 the Vancouver Athletic Mountaineering Club (now known as the BCMC) was born, and over the next few years they made several first ascents of local mountains, and also built a couple of cabins on Grouse Mtn. One of their biggest achievements at the time was scaling The Camel. Here is what was printed in the Vancouver Province on Oct 7,1938 to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the first ascent.

  Oct7,1908 (date on the paper) CONQUERED- Camel's Back a hithero unconquered peak of Crown Mountain, was climbed over the week-end by the Vancouver Athletic Mountaineering Club. Mills of mountaineering fame led the party. Special mention is also given Hewton, who has yet to find a peak unscalable. On Camel's back, Oct 5,1908. Messrs Hewton, Mills, Lyttleton and Miskin.

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