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Plains Bison in Elk Island Park # 526

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Date: 1999.05.15
Vantage Point: From Provincial Road 831

Caption: The remnants of the mighty herds that once blackened the prairies now shelter in national parks like Elk Island and Wood Buffalo.

PhotoDescr: The plains bison (Bison bison) is not a buffalo, although that name applied by unlearned pioneers still persists. These beasts, and the woods bison subspecies, were a major source of food, hides, and other essentials for the aboriginal inhabitants of the plains, the woodlands, the mountain valleys, and the foothills for millennia. Their manure piles, called buffalo chips, were also used for fuel on the treeless prairie. Now they can only be found wild in a few parks. These are the largest land animals in North America. Bulls can weigh up to 700 kilograms (more than 1500 pounds).

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