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Athelstan from East # 5148

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Date: 2004.03.13
Vantage Point: From summit of Peak 8600 (Pebble)

Caption: Looking east from the summit of Peak 8600 to Athelstan and the Lillooet Icefield beyond.

PhotoDescr: Every spring I plan to make a weekend ski trip to Athelstan and every year something new gets in my way. This year (and last) it is the gating-through-spring of the Lillooet FSR. Maybe someday I'll get up this sucka. More like "Athelsatan." This is looking at the glaciated-or-permanently-snow-covered east side of the mountain, which is markedly different from Drew's rock circus on the other side.

Brian Sheffield, who in flying in to Pebble Creek about twice a year, every year, has maybe travelled this area more than anyone else, did not know any of the "recent" nomenclature of the area (Sugus group) and still does not care. Freak. Somehow we must convert the old schoolers; it is not the experience in the field that matters, it is the documentation, the labelling, the calculations . . .

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