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Marble Canyon in Kootenay National Park # 500

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Date: 1996.07.01
Vantage Point: From Marble Canyon Trail

Caption: Tokumm Creek cuts a deep gorge in the limestone bedrock.

PhotoDescr: The name notwithstanding, Marble Canyon is carved through limestone through a lengthy process of water flowing through joints in the bedrock, and dissolving the water-soluble stone. The scouring action of stream-borne rocks and sand speeds the process. Numerous bridges cross the chasm, which is as little as three metres wide and as much as 60 metres deep.

The valley through which Tokumm Creek flows is known as Prospectors Valley. See Upper Prospectors Valley from Wenkchemna Pass. The creek's headwaters are in Yoho National Park, just below Wenkchemna Pass.

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