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Putting Your Life in the Hands of the Glacier # 4999

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2004.03.16
Vantage Point: From the bowels of the earth.

Caption: "I'm NOT claustrophobic, I'm NOT claustrophobic, I'm NOT claustrophobic . . ."

PhotoDescr: During a storm day on a seven day ski trip to Pebble Creek, we stumbled upon an otherwordly crevasse on the Pebble Glacier that had in its corner a tunnel that disappeared into the blackness. A few of us summoned the nerve to crawl into it on our hands and knees to investigate with headlamps. We got a good fifty feet into it before we started crapping our pants in fear as it tightened into a lying-down elbow shuffle and the light from the opening disappeared as the tunnel bent back into the glacier. It just kept going further into the glacier for as far as we could see.

This shot is looking back to the entrance as we made our way out. Glaciers obviously make most of their movements in the summer, but crawling into the belly of one in the winter was pretty gut wrenching.

The crevasse was a continual source of amusement for us as it became a mine of high-quality, air-free, "Tokyo-style" ice for our nightly scotch and brandy sessions. Gary Shorthouse would wax lyrically each night on the age of the ice as he stared into his drink: "We are drinking water that was frozen AT THE TIME OF MOSES!!!" Here he is harvesting the ice.

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