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Sampson and Delilah from Pebble Peak # 4997

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Date: 2004.03.13
Vantage Point: From summit of Peak 8600 (Pebble Peak)

Caption: Samson and Delilah rising above the Boomerang Glacier. Sessel is just out of picture left.

PhotoDescr: We had just been dropped off on the shoulder of Pebble Peak (Peak 8600) by Pemberton Helicopters, and had to drag ourselves up to the summit in a pathetic oxygen-deprived state. I'd never felt the effects of altitude below 11,000 feet before and always maintained that it doesn't really kick in until 10,000 feet, but after a few hours of sleep, a box of doughnuts, and a 15-minute flight to 8500 feet, I wasn't really feeling too hot.

This shot was taken on the first day of a seven-day ski trip to Pebble Creek. We had planned to ski out in an easy two days via the Boomerang and over to the Railroad group (I really wanted to get up Samson and Sessel), but on our last day it ended up snowing about two feet and the visibilty was low, so we bid a "quick" and dirty exit via the Upper Hurley valley in a brutal 35 km, 11 hour day.

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