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Looking Up Haffner Creek # 4930

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Date: 1992.08.09
Vantage Point: From half way up Vermilion Pk

Caption: The view NE up Hafner Creek towards Mount Ball at middle right, with the headwall from the lower valley into the upper valley and Ball basin cleary visible.

PhotoDescr: This is an old picture but provides a good view of the environs around Hafner Creek and it was the first time I had ever seen Mount Ball. The ice tongue coming down from the saddle to right of the summit into Ball Basin is clearly visible.

The summit of Stanley Peak is just at the upper left and the W slopes which descend into the valley is the scramble route up Stanley. The ridge and summit above the headwall and valley into Ball basin is unnamed.

There is no official path up Hafner but as more people attempt Mount Ball a discernible path is forming. When I was up there with some friends and attempted Ball there really was only an animal trail in places that was slightly broken up by human use. The bush was pretty thick in places though, and in the upper valley we walked in the creek to escape the bushwhacking madness.

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