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Oasis Mountain and Group from the Air # 4926

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Date: 2003.11.08
Vantage Point: From Helicopter

Caption: Looking up the Weart Glacier from the headwaters of Ure Creek to the Oasis group of summits. Oasis itself is rightmost of the three. James Turner on horizon at left.

PhotoDescr: I had a ski trip organized a year or so back to Oasis Mountain, but a dead car and a job that depends on a live one forced me to abandon plans. I would still like to go back one of these days, though in hindsight that trip wouldn't have been too much fun as I had it planned for two days, which would have been a bit of a grunt. I was interested in that long run on the north face there. Looks nice.

The other two summits are unnamed peaks north of Oasis. The leftmost one features maybe the most gut-wrenching, disgustingly hard-looking alpine ice route I have ever seen around here in that slot system on the left side of the face. Some things you look at and say, "one day, one day." Not that one.

  For a close-up look, if you dare, at that ice line, Click Here

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