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North Faces of Sloan and Land -- Winter # 4892

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Date: 2004.01.01
Vantage Point: From Pearson Creek Headwaters

Caption: Land and Sloan floating over the Bridge River Valley on New Years Day, 2004.

PhotoDescr: On a Christmas/New Years trip to the Spruce Lake High Trail area we experienced stupid cold temperatures and, of course being December, not a heck of a lot of sunlight. Still, some wonderful runs can be had at the headwaters of Pearson Creek. (I am told that Eldorado Creek, further west on the trail offers even better skiing, but we did not make it that far as we only had four days and the drive itself chews up a day each way). It is about 4-6 hours to ski up the mining road into meadows in Pearson.

On New Years morning the skies cleared for those lucky enough to be in the alpine. The "standard" route on Land is the west ridge, which you can't really see behind the deceivingly prominent north buttress, while that cool east ridge with the spiky gendarme probably offers a harder and longer alternative. Mssrs Springer and Redekop did the FA in 1987, but did not offer a difficulty rating in the summit register. Looks like 5th in the upper bits and on the spike (which they climbed).

There are some cool features in the unnamed valley to the west of Sloan on that peak in the background. Roads in Ault creek look as if they might head in that direction sometime in the future.

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