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Southeast Side of Foley in Winter # 4883

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Date: 2004.02.01
Vantage Point: From Foley FSR

Caption: The SE side of Foley looking heinously Peruvian after a massive Pacific storm. You should be able to make out a massive crown line below the summit in the shaded area, which confirmed our resolution to not attempt anything that day!

PhotoDescr: Nobody really ever comes at Foley from this side of things; Williamson Lake road now provies idiot-proof access to Welch and Foley in a matter of minutes, and all the pioneering routes on this side of things were done from the Lucky Four Mine access from Wahleach (Jones) Lake on the other side.

Still, as is clear here, the skiing potential, among other things, is phenonmenal. One can usually drive to about this point for a portion of the winter with a truck and chains, and spring would seem to be best. As well, Conway Peak, out of photo right, has massive runs on all sides that could be gained from this point.

The transition from crappy, protectionless Cheam volcanic rock to Mount Barr batholith supposedly occurs somewhere around the point where this photo was taken. In our mindless grunt of a snowshoe in four feet of fresh powder, Justin Thibault (who actually has geologic training, unlike me) and I played "find the granite" with the exposed roadside rocks.

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