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Storm Light Over Brexton Dome Arete # 4855

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Date: 2003.08.22
Vantage Point: From Kingdom Lake

Caption: An arete on the west face of what Mike Cleven has termed Brexton Dome catches the evening sun after a summr squall.

PhotoDescr: I had convinced Mike Layton to come up from the US to have a go at the northwest face of the central Incisor, but as we drove the Hurley we were completely swamped by a downpour and our spirits and hopes for climbing the next day were all but crushed, were it not for snorts from the emergency bottle of brandy from the Oh-Shit-Kit. As we bivied at the now-quiet Kingdom Lake campground at the close of the summer, the clouds parted and we looked up to see this arete outlined in perfect golden sunset light. The next day we were repulsed not by rain but by "a paucity of pro".

I have no idea what the rock is like on this thing, but it is well fractured and most likely not a total disaster, maybe like a Bendor version of Angel's Crest. It would be worth attempting this ridge just to do that massive free-hanging rappel from that curved gendarme. Certainly is phallic, more coyote-penis-like than the Coyote's Penis!

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