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"Mystery Mountain" North Face # 4849

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Date: 2003.11.08
Vantage Point: From Jet Ranger Bling Bling Recon

Caption: The "mysterious" Mystery Mountain in the flat light of morning from the foggy window of a helicopter.

PhotoDescr: This peak is informally known as Mystery Peak which was, of course, the Mundays' name for Waddington, and is also formally applied to a bump on Seymour, but also works well here as this peak is so poorly known. It rises west of the Mystery Glacier, is unlabelled on 92 J/2, and has no direct photo on Bivouac other than Mitch Sulkers's panorama of the Northern Park. The only place you can see this face from Highway 99 is right around the hydro-tower climbing area by the Soo crossing. The southwest side can also be seen the Highway as a long ridgeline south of Currie.

To make things even more confusing, the 8200 foot horn at the head of Sockeye Creek in the Tenquille area has also come to be called Mystery Peak.

The face rises a full 1500' to the summit, but I was disappointed in the rock quality; it was noticably brown and rotten-looking. However, that great gut rising on the northwest face looks like a massive spring ice nursery and I suspect there is a stunning route waiting there for someone willing to endure the full-on approach. I once seriously thought about making the hike, but figured it would be at least six or seven hours. One could either ford the Green River opposite the Mystery confluence or whack down along the BCR line from the spurs at Wedgemount Creek.

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