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Sentinel Pass, Pinnacle Mountain, Eiffel Peak and Wastach Pass From Haddo # 4815

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Date: 1981.07.00
Vantage Point: From Haddo

Caption: Pinnacle Mountain and Eiffel Peak as Seen to the South From Haddo

PhotoDescr: Sifting through my ragged collection of negatives, I found this, which I thought would be of interest given the geographic relationships it demonstrates of this historic area.

This shot is looking south from Haddo across the Paradise Valley (not seen) with the shoulder of Temple on the left, including a view of the rocky spire. Temple is separated from Pinnacle Mountain by Sentinel Pass which leads to Larch Valley. Looking carefully to the right of Sentinal Pass reveals the Grand Sentinel quartzite tower. Eiffel Peak to the west of Pinnacle Mountain is flanked by Wastach Pass on the right edge of the photo.

In the distance across the Valley of the Ten Peaks can be seen from right to left Deltaform, Tuzo, Allen, Perren and Tonsa.

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