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Wells Peak Ice # 4727

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Date: 2003.11.15
Vantage Point: From base of route

Caption: Gary Shorthouse leading a nice ice route on the northwest side of Wells Peak.

PhotoDescr: A random tip from "Ced" on of the existence of ice up the Hope Mountain FSR led to a diversion from a Sumallo recon to doing two fun 70m routes.

Ced had mentioned the need for chains to negotiate a river of ice on the road, but I only remembered when we were already in Chilliwack. "Hey, we got low range, we'll creep by." Well, not really. We tried to get one side of the truck in the ditch, but this only exposed the existence of limited slip on my truck, all the power going to the tire spinning on the ice.

Okay, I thought, I'll just gun it and see if I can clear the fifty-odd feet of ice and get enough momentum to make it to the other side. "Vrrrrrmmmm" and, "oh shit, I'm sliding backwards. Wooweee, now I'm turning around and I REALLY don't want to go off the side of the road." An on-the-spot 180-degree turn on the rink put me back facing the other way and confirmed the decision to start hiking. "Well, at least the road is in!"

As conversations while hiking so often turn, we spoke of the remote yet remarkable possibility of getting a beer at somepoint on the road slog. "You know, this would be a really good spot for a bar. Or, how about a CASINO?" This led to Gary recounting a T-shirt he had once seen for a casino in California that advertised "Liquor in the Front and Poker in the Rear." We did a WI2 warmup and called it "Liquor in the Front" and then turned to the above route to call it "Poker in the Rear", which was a worthwhile WI3.

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