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Howson Peak from Solitaire Peak (Pyrite Peak) # 4721

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Date: 2003.07.18
Vantage Point: From Middle Solitaire Peak

Caption: Adam Mills on the summit of Middle Solitaire Peak (Pyrite Peak)

PhotoDescr: During a mountaineering course, we climbed the Middle Solitaire Peak (Pyrite Peak) as a crowning achievement. The route is up beside the great Burnie Glacier, the over flowers and heather to the Outer Solitaire Glacier. Across that, we traversed the Middle Solitaire Glacier with its wonderful wind formed ridges and large crevasses. I put a 110 m fixed line up a steep snow and ice couloir and when everyone was up, we scrambled to the summit. What a view! To the south, Polemic Pass is at the left margin of the photo. Then comes the Trident with its steep ice gullies. Then the Mitre with classical rock routes. The ridge separating the Burnie Glacier from the Sandpiper's Loft then becomes very dramatic. It forms the Great Corner Peak. Howson Peak is the highest summit in the picture (and for a long ways around). It is showing its steep unclimbed north face. A wonderful day.

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