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West Face of Kolos Peak In Mist # 4688

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Date: September 2003
Vantage Point: From helicopter

Caption: A portion of the 2000 m west face of Kolos Peak.

PhotoDescr: The base of the face is the lake at the toe of Satsalla Glacier - 495 m. The summit is at 2470 m. A very large face. Unfortunately it isn't quite an El Cap big wall. The lower portion is vegetated and the top kicks back.

Still it is a huge face. Hard to get the whole thing in the camera frame. This is about an 800 m portion in the middle. It had just stopped raining and the mist was rising as we flew by. The aretes reminded me of the Angel's Crest at Squamish a bit. That isn't the summit at top of photo but merely the shoulder of the ridge, there is about another 500 m above to the summit.

"The Satsalla valley is one of the true halls of remoteness on the coast." - John Clarke.

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