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Mountains of Northern Garibaldi Park # 4673

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Date: 2003.11.15
Vantage Point: From: Mountain goat traffic copter

Caption: Looking into the heart of the Park

PhotoDescr: A really cool shot showing all the "biggies" of the area in one photo. I won't bother naming all the peaks as most are obvious -- and part of the fun is working out the mental map for yourself -- suffice to say that just out of picture right is Hibachi Ridge, and all the peaks north (below) the Cook/Weart area are unnamed summits around Mystery Glacier. The big glaciated area is the Weart Glacier mass.

On this helicopter flight, one of the things I had wanted to check out was the big, sheer face of Peak 8400 (Gravell Creek), which turned out to be quite featureless, but impressive nonetheless. The top 1% of the face is visible at the very bottom of the photo. The pilot came at it from the south, where it is a mellow mound. Suddenly we crested the summit and the exposure was about 3000' down to the headwaters of Gravell Creek. I almost made a unhindered embarassment of myself right then and there.

If you look closely at the summit ridge of 8400, there looks to be a distinct line of footprints, but comparing to the other photo I took at that moment looking southeast, it appears as if it is actually a line of rocks, but I could be wrong (if it is a goat or somesuch, he/she musta had a good "screaming barfie" moment as the tracks approach the edge, looking down the other side of the peak.)

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