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East Side of Hibachi Ridge # 4645

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Date: 2003 November
Vantage Point: From Air

Caption: The big east side of Hibachi Ridge

PhotoDescr: * I had originally and mistakenly labelled these peaks as unnamed summits east of Mystery Glacier, but Mr. Serl has kindly suggested that they are in fact the east side of Hibachi Ridge, 2 km north. In half-assed defense, I will point out that my blunder illustrates the incredible complexity of the terrain around Mount Currie, and that these peaks are seldom seen ;)

From my girlfriend this year I was given thirty minutes in a helicopter out of Whistler for my birthday. "She's not really helping matters, is she?" one friend quipped, meaning that this would just make my obsessions worse and give them an air of legitmacy. Peaks hidden from all roads, faces that I had spent years dreaming about, were fleshed out before me in manner of minutes. I couldn't help myself from rattling off names of peaks, climbs, and climbers as we flew over these gems. The pilot pretended to be interested, explaining that the standard sightseeing flights don't really go north of Wedge, but I think he thought I was a bit of a nut.

Too much visual information created a sense of nausea completely separate from the helicopter vertigo. Amidst the shopping hordes, I had to sit in the Whistler village afterwards with a cup of coffee to right myself.

While the rock north of the Wedge area isn't that great appearing, the features sure are impressive. No big routes on these peaks -- or specific names either -- but, among other things, there is a beautiful ice route on the right peak, hidden in that chimney on the east face. Will this ruin my sense of wonder, being given these wilderness vistas on a platter? Nah!

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