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Homathko Icefield and Compton Neve from Northwest # 4587

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Date: 2003.08.15
Vantage Point: From Armada Mountain

Caption: Homathko Icefield and Compton Neve beyond.

PhotoDescr: Gilbert and Raleigh are at left. Of the two Gilbert is right and Raleigh is left. Grenville is the big peak at right.

Between them is the Homathko Icefield. You can see why it is such good terrain for ski traverses - lots of peaks and pretty flat glaciers in between.

Way, way in the center background the peaks might be the Tahumming area stuff?

In foreground is Doran Creek valley. At left foreground the low summit is Chisel Peak - or it's a little subsummit of Chisel and Chisel is out of the photo. The gendarme on its east ridge looks like Chisel but then again it looks too low, Chisel is 8500'. I don't know . . . .

Nunatak Pk is directly below right end of Grenville casting a shadow on the glacier. You can see it is well named. The other named peaks in the photo are Howard, Saint John, Cambridge, Plateau. . . if only they had little signs on them with names it would be so much easier to identify. As it is, I'm guessing.

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