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Michael Peak from Emerald Lake # 454

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Date: 2001.04.15
Vantage Point: From Emerald Lakeshore Circuit

Caption: An open lead on Emerald Lake shows that spring is on the way; Michael Peak and the President Range rise in the distance.

PhotoDescr: Michael Peak is the name of the bump on the skyline furthest to the right. Ordinarily a feature like this would not be called a peak. The main formation of which Michael Peak is a part is the President Range. The ridgeline in the photo leads from the Vice-President (off to the left) to Michael Peak, which is the north shoulder of Yoho Pass.

  On a drive from Kamloops to Edmonton, I stopped off for a quick hike around the lake. Although the snow was several feet deep, it was packed solid on the Lakeshore Trail. To get in position for this shot, however, I had to make six steps off the trail in hip-deep snow. I wish I'd thought to bring my gaiters.

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