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North Face of Greymantle Mountain # 4525

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Date: 2003.08.15
Vantage Point: From Rogers Creek FSR

Caption: The bulwark-like north side of Greymantle rising from Tuwasus Creek. The Icemantle Glacier and the start of the Misty Icefield traverse is just behind this peak.

PhotoDescr: This peak can be easily ascended from the other (south) side as part of a traverse of the Misty Icefields, but is probably seldom done, not only beacause the Misties are seldom done but, from reports, it seems a lot of people are so brutalized by getting to the Icemantle Glacier that they forgo the summits at the north end of the traverse (some parties report taking up to four days to just get on the Icefield).

Taken from Rogers Creek FSR. Spurs in foreground are of Rogers North FSR.

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