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Harng Pulling Hard in Ault Creek! # 4482

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Date: 2003 September
Vantage Point: From "Middle Ault Lake"

Caption: Steve Harng on a cool boulder problem on the shore of the lake below Mount Sloan.

PhotoDescr: On the day before we went up Mount Land, Drew, Steve, and I lollied about doing some neat boulder problems. I have never been much of a boulderer, an old ankle injury sways me away from the horrible landings in Squamish and I find my "fruit fly attention span" is put to better use in the mountains, but I couldn't resist partaking here! This problem was maybe V4, I dunno, and went unrepeated by all (2) onlookers, mainly because the wasps' nest near Steve's left knee, which we all thought was dead, turned out to be active (!)

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