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Toe of the Stanley Glacier # 4458

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Date: Sept 27-2003
Vantage Point: From near the Toe

Caption: The Toe of the Stanley Glacier.

PhotoDescr: The Stanley Glacier sits in a high bench below the N face of Stanley Peak. The Glacier itself flows down in two directions, and this is the toe of the easternmost flow. It also flows down from the bench below the summit, but it ends in seracs above 100 m cliffs, so technically this is the toe. The main portion of the glacier is to the right, and to the upper left is a remnant of the original glacier that is now separated and hangs off the east end.

The Stanley Glacier Trail ends down in the valley, but it is worth the effort to ascend up 250-300 m to see the toe. In front of the toe is an 80 m cliff (approx) which the glacier used to flow over and down into the basin. Moraines below the cliff are proof it did flow over.

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